Guía excellente en inglés que tiene recursos en español y en inglés
February 1996, Version 2.1
Molly E. Molloy, New Mexico State University Library
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
Internet address:
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Name=Internet Resources for Latin America
Since my first attempts to compile a list of Latin American resources on the Internet in May 1993, the quantity of information products and modes of access has exploded. It is no longer possible to know all, or list all resources; the best alternative is to point the new researcher to the best compilations and information servers now available in the Latin American "region" of the Net. Librarians tend to think in terms of genre (encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, etc.) when describing information sources. This tendency has carried over into Internet guides where the genres used (gophers, WWW pages, FTP archives, WAIS indexes) actually describe different software tools or network services that enable the user to access the same universe of electronic information products stored in millions of files on computers all over the world that are connected to the Internet. In some cases, the same information product will be accessible in multiple ways, depending on the tools available to the user. Part 2 of this guide will point to specific information products and/or places that serve as gateways into the Latin American resources on the Net. Part 3 will mention a few of the hundreds of electronic conferences, email lists and newsgroups devoted to Latin America-related topics. A few carefully picked list subscriptions can be the best way to obtain information about new resources as they become available. Part 4 contains a very selected bibliography of published information. (NOTE: this section is VERY incomplete and will be updated in the future) I try to include some descriptive and/or evaluative information for most sites and lists in this Guide. Several other subject or geographic listings of internet sites are useful for finding Latin American Information on the Net.
  • Geographical list from CERN, WWW Virtual Library
  • Subject list from CERN, WWW Virtual Library
  • Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
  • Latin American Network Information Center--Univ. of Texas
  • Recursos de Internet en Espanol--Links to Spanish search engines and catalogs
  • Directorio de America Latina-GlobalNet
  • Hispanic Pages in the USA
  • Mexico's Index
  • Mundo Latino
  • Pagina Latina/Espanola
  • LatinWorld Commercial Latin America Internet Directory
  • Yahoo--a searchable directory
  • Yahoo--Regions--Latin America
  • McKinley Internet Directory--Search over 20,000 rated sites The mercurial nature of the Net demands that this guide be updated and links checked frequently, however, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Updated information, corrections, and comments are welcome.
    Most of these resources are accessible via WWW, gopher or FTP. Gopher provides access to text documents through a system of menus; FTP archives allow the user to retrieve documents via file transfer. World Wide Web (WWW) servers offer a hypertext interface to information and allow the display and retrieval of graphics, sound, and other media. Since the beginning of 1995, the WWW has become the most common and rapidly growing area of the Internet and provides a friendly interface to information in many formats. Some information products may be available through numerous servers--once a document is posted on the Net, other servers can link to it. Many universities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations in Latin America now have WWW or gopher servers to disseminate information. These can be reached via any gopher menu or WWW document that provides geographically or subject arranged links. Sites listed in this guide are fairly stable and offer unique databases, documents, directories or other resources useful for Latin American research. I have provided the address of an administrator or contact person when possible. The URL (uniform resource locator) is provided. If you use a WWW browser such as Mosaic, Netscape or Lynx, this address will connect you directly to any site. This list is not meant to be comprehensive!! The amount of networked information from and about Latin America is growing rapidly. I have included sources I have found most useful as of December 1995. It is somewhat biased toward my own interest in social sciences, human rights, and indigenous peoples, and has a geographic slant toward Mexico and the US-Mexico border. The content of information servers changes constantly, with new sources and new links appearing almost daily.
  • UT-LANIC-Latin American Network Information Center ( currently provides the best gateway for exploring Latin American Net resources.
  • AMERICAS [WWW] Housed at Florida International University, this site provides information on the "Miami Process" initiated at the December 1994 Summit of the Americas. Contains links to the Summit documents, links to other Latin American internet sites, etc. System administrator: Rene Ramos-- URL:
  • Bilingual/Latino Children's Library Internet Gateway-- [WWW] A guide to resources for students, teachers and librarians. Includes links to many sites for information on bilingual education, Latin American and Hispanic internet sites, dictionaries, texts, childrens' stories, etc. Created by Evi URL:
  • Bolivia: Bolivian Times [newspaper via WWW] This English-language publication is the "1st electronic newspaper from Bolivia," available via the AMERICAS server (see above). For more information send email to URL:
  • BorderBase [database] Produced by the Texas Center for Border Economic Development at the University of Texas at El Paso, BorderBase provides socio-economic statistics on the US and Mexican states in the Border region. Most of the data come from the US and Mexican censuses. After connecting to BorderBase via WWW or gopher, login by typing the word: border. Or telnet directly: URLs: gopher://
  • Border Environmental Archives
    News on environmental issues along the US-Mexico border, compiled by Ron Mader, URL:
  • BorderLines [electronic journal via WWW] A monthly publication produced by the Interhemispheric Resource Center provides news on issues in the US-Mexico border region. For more information contact: URL:
  • Border Trade Institute--Texas A&M International [WWW] BTI provides detailed data on the flow of trade across the US / Mexican border, current with a 3 to 4 month delay. Includes top 25 products by port at a 5 digit SITC code level), includes both Import and Export figures, and is presented at the Border, State, and Port level. For more information contact: URL:
  • Border--Tijuana/San Diego Border Research [WWW] Maps, graphics and other data on border projects. Contact: Mark Waggoner []. URL:
  • Brazil: Real Brazil [online magazine] Produced by Brazilian faculty and students at the University of Texas at Austin; an English-language magazine that offers an alternative view of Brazil. For more information contact: Dean Graber ( URL:
  • Brazil--BDT, Base de Dados Tropical, Campinas. [gopher, WWW] The BDT collects organizes and disseminates local and regional information on biology and biodiversity in Brasil and other tropical regions in the hemisphere. Portuguese and/or English URLs: gopher://
  • Brazil-Sistema de Informacao de Amazonia-SIAMAZ [WWW] Information on the Amazon region. For more information [] URL:
  • Brazil: Red Nacional de Pesquisa--RNP [WWW] Brazil's national research network. Information about the development of the internet in Brazil. URL:
  • Brazil Sites on the WWW Contains links to many sites with information on Brazil, including government ministries, universities, research organizations and newspapers. URL:
  • Brazil: JORNAL DO BRASIL [WWW] Rio de Janeiro daily newspaper. First Brazilian newspaper on the net. URL:
  • Brazilian Embassy, London [WWW] Database containing extensive information about the country including foreign relations, economy, culture, etc. URL:
  • Caribbean Music and Dance [WWW] Group organizes cultural programs and travel to the Caribbean and Brazil. Their web page includes information on upcoming travel opportunities to Cuba and the Caribbean.Email contact: URL:
  • Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade [WWW] A research consortium of the University of Texas System and the Texas A&M University System and created by the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Customs Service provides access to commercial and academic sites providing trade information--including Mexican and Canadian news links, statistics, etc. For more info contact []. URL:
  • Central America: Information Services [WWW] Info on internet service providers, connectivity, conference papers on information technology in Central America. In English and Spanish. Compiled by Grete URL:
  • Center for International Policy (CIP) [WWW] "The Center for International Policy was founded in 1975 to promote a U.S. foreign policy that reflects democratic values. Through research, education, and direct public advocacy, CIP works to define and put into practice a more sympathetic, farsighted, and non-militaristic approach to the developing world." Web site includes policy reports on Haiti, Central America, Cuba and the CIA. Also archives of the electronic newsletter, "Central America Update." The Update is available free via email. For more information or subscription contact: Adam Isacson [] or []. URL: and for the Central America Update:
  • CGNET [gopher] Provided by CGNET Services for the dissemination of their data, publications, and other reference information. CGNET is a communication network designed to facilitate communication among researchers in developing countries. Provides access to the CGIAR (agricultural research) files on biodiversity, PROFMEX databases on Mexico, United Nations documents, etc. URL: gopher://
  • Chicano/LatinoNet: [WWW, gopher]Clearinghouse for information on Chicano/Latino research at the University of California and elsewhere. Produced by the Chicano Studies Research Center, UCLA. Director: Richard URLs:gopher://
  • Chile: CHILE GUIDE [WWW] everything about Chile, including internet sites for art, poetry, music, technology, universities, etc. For more information ( URL:
  • CIBER-CENTRO [WWW] Bilingual, commercial site for the Spanish-speaking world based in Miami. Categories include: trade directory, government, the press, reference works, newsgroups, internet access providers, directory of Spanish-speaking "ciber-ciudadanos." Contacts: and URL:
  • Colombia: Colombian Internet Directory [WWW] Searchable directory of many Colombian Citizens living around the world involved in academic or professional pursuits that also have Internet access. Created by P. A. Pinzon ( URL:
  • Colombia: COLCIENCIAS [WWW] Provided by the Instituto Colombiano para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia. Research and development projects, databases, information systems,etc. Online access to "Revista Colombiana de Telecomunicaciones." URL:
  • Colombia: Sistemas de Tecnologia Avanzada-STA [WWW] Commercial provider of network systems and services in Colombia. Access to the company's online journal--Status. For more URL:
  • Colombia: Universidad del Valle[gopher,WWW] Access to libraries, directories, databases and other info about the university. URLs: gopher://
  • Colombia: Universidad de los Andes [WWW]Campus wide information system, facts about Colombia, news, etc. URL:
  • Colonias on the Texas/Mexico Border [WWW] Photos, statistics, articles on colonias. Contacts: Martin and Celia URL:
  • Computer Spanglish[WWW] List of Spanish adaptations of some computer terms compiled by Yolanda URL:]
  • CLACSO-Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales [WWW, gopher] Latin American Council for the Social Sciences includes over 100 affiliated research centers from 19 Latin American countries. The databases provided by CLACSO include books published by the organizations, research directories, etc. URLs:^clacso gopher://
  • Costa Rica--LA NACION (newspaper via WWW) Contains selected articles from the paper, plus a news summary in English. URL:
  • Colonias on the Texas/Mexico Border [WWW] Photos, statistics, articles on colonias. Contacts: Martin and Celia URL:
  • CUBA [WWW] Provides country information, maps, WWW and gopher sites, info on Cuban networks, list archives, news, tourist information, etc. For more information contact [] URL:
  • Directorio de America Latina--Global Net [WWW site] Spanish WWW subject catalog, very similar to the Global Network Navigator and Yahoo. URL:
  • EcoTravel in Latin America [WWW] Articles and other information compiled by journalist Ron Mader (Austin, TX). Includes useful contacts, addresses, travel tips, etc. Contact Ron URL:
  • Ecuador: ECUANET--Corporacion Ecuatoriana de Informacion [gopher, WWW] Via the ECUANET WWW or gopher, users can access commercial sites in Ecuador, libraries, other gophers, archie and a variety of Internet services. Also provides a news service, "Diario Hoy" Contact for ECUANET: Juan Miranda (; Maria Gabriela Vera (; or URLs: gopher://
  • EL NET: Educational Leadership Network [WWW]Promotion of educational exchange in the Americas by a consortium of of US and Mexican universities. URL:
  • EPA US/Mexico Border Activities [WWW] Compendium of information on border environmental projects funded by EPA in US and Mexican border states. For more information contact []. URL:
  • Fourth World Documentation Project: Indigenous Peoples Information for the Online Community [gopher, WWW, FTP] A collection of documents from nations and organizations around the world relating to indigenous peoples organized by the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS). The archive contains over 300 documents on Fourth World nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Melanesia and the Pacific. It is a unique archive of primary source documents--treaties, tribal government information, etc. Submissions to the FWDP or questions may be addressed to John URLs: gopher://
  • Frida Kahlo-- [WWW] Biographical information about the Mexican artist with many images of her art. URL:
  • Frontera Norte Sur [electronic journal] Newsletter on border issues, Center for Latin American Studies, New Mexico State University. For more info contact [] URL: H-LATAM (Latin American History) [WWW] A part of the H-NET Humanities OnLine initiative. H-LatAm encourages scholarly discussion of Latin American history. Access to discussion groups, book reviews and links to other sites including the CLAH-Conference on Latin American History. URLs:
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies-HLAS [bibliographic database] HLAS is produced by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. It provides abstracts and complete bibliographic information for published materials from and about Latin America on a wide range of topics in the humanities and social sciences. URL:
  • Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility--HACR [WWW] Intended to "Link Corporate America to the Hispanic Community"--to present Corporate Opportunities of the HACR Corporate Sector to the Hispanic Community as well as identifing the "Most Outstanding Companies in America" regarding Hispanic employment, procurement, philanthropy and governance. Provides links to several news sources, databases and links to other WWW sites of interest to the Latino/Hispanic communities. URL:
  • [WWW] Commercial information for and about the Hispanic community. Includes La Prensa de San Antonio, Tejano music awards, Coyote Pass Productions, America Latina (magazine) etc. URL:
  • Hispanic Internet Marketplace [WWW] Created by the Texas Hispanic Business Journal, this site provides access to many commercial sites, government agencies, organizations and publications. URL:
  • Hispanic Pages in the USA [WWW] A directory including links to all Hispanic countries, biographical information on famous Hispanics, Coloquio-Revista Cultural Hispana and many other resources. Compiled by Javier URL:
  • Honduras: Honduran Resources [WWW] Links to government, business, tourism, the press and other Honduran sites. Compiled by Alejandro Hernandez [] URL:
  • INFO-SOUTH--Latin American Information System-Univ. of Miami [gopher & WWW] Produced by the North-South Center, University of Miami, this gopher server provides information about the fee-based INFO-SOUTH abstracts database that covers political, social and economic information from hundreds of periodicals. It includes subscription information, sample abstracts, information about the North-South Center and a telnet connection to the database for subscribers. URLs: gopher://
  • Institute for Global Communications/IGC [gopher, WWW] IGC provides a major link to the internet for NGOs in Latin America. The IGC web/gopher provides access to news from the Interpress News Service from Latin America and other regions focusing on peace, human rights, environment, labor and other social justice issues. Also provides links to other sites for progressive information. A good way to find out about conferences, news and other resources available via the IGC networks. Address questions or URLs: gopher://
  • Inter-American Development Bank-IADB [WWW] The Public Information Center of the Inter-American Development Bank makes available a variety of information on IADB publications and projects, including a directory of personnel, news releases, project documents, frequently asked questions, etc. Information in English & Spanish URL:
  • International Boundaries Research Unit [WWW] Database of information relating to borders worldwide, produced at the University of Durham (UK)Contact e-mail: URL:
  • Interpress Latin America Wire [news service via WWW] An experimental service provided by Worldnews Online. News stories arranged by country and subject area. URL:
  • LANIC: Latin American Network Information Center [WWW, gopher] Provided by the University of Texas-Austin Institute for Latin American Studies, LANIC provides access to library catalogs, specialized databases, internet access tools and information, FTP archives, economic/social statistics from Latin America and links to most internet sites in all Latin American countries. The WWW pages contain maps for most countries and other graphical sources--most from the University of Texas Benson Latin American Collection. This is the primary gateway for Latin American information on the internet. For more information URLs: gopher:// For users without gopher or WWW clients LANIC can also be accessed via email and telnet: Email: Telnet (VT100): (login: lanic) LASPAU: Academic & Professional Programs for the Americas
    Information on educational exchanges and other programs for Latin America. URL:
  • Latin America Data Base--LADB, University of New Mexico [WWW] The LADB server provides sample newsletters (Notisur, SourceMex, EcoCentral), selected economic data on Latin America, articles about LADB, subscription rates and other information about the LADB fee-based news service. Also provides access to RETAnet, a web site for secondary educators, Resources for Teaching about the Americas. URLs:
  • LADARK: Latin America Development Electronic Archive [WWW, gopher] Created by the Program in Comparative International Development in the Dept. of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University, LADARK contains datasets, working papers, bibliographies, course syllabi, and announcements useful to scholars researching Latin American development. For more information contact Christopher URLs: gopher://
  • Latin American Capital Markets Research [WWW] Access to online stock exchanges, economic data, news and research reports on Latin American capital markets. For information: Gustavo Morles []. URL:
  • Latin American Information Base (LAIB) [database] LAIB is a "database of databases" on Latin America. The user can retrieve the files via FTP and run the database on a PC under DOS or Windows. For more information contact the database developer, K.C. Walpole-- URL:[BR][BR]
  • Latin American Library, Tulane University[WWW]Access to some original materials from one of the premiere Latin American collections. Excellent links to electronic journals relating to Latin America. For more information contact Paul Bary []

  • Latin American News Sources (English & Spanish) [WWW] Site located in Australia provides links to many online news sources. URLs: (English) (Spanish) Latin American Newsletters [WWW] Provides sample issues and some full text articles from "Latin American Regional Reports," "Latin America Weekly Report," and other specialized newsletters. Also contains subscription information. More information via URL:
  • LatinWorld-- [WWW] A commercial directory of Latin American internet sites and information. A project of Netpoint Communications ( an international internet provider in Miami, FL URL:
  • MEXICO--Consulado General en Nueva York [Mexican Consulate, NY] [WWW] Provides news from Mexican government ministries, stock market, central bank and other official sources. The service is being offered by the Consulate through a commercial internet provider in New York. For more information contact: Laura or URL:
  • Mexico Human Rights News/Chiapas Bulletin--Mexican Academy of Human Rights Newsletter and special information on the Chiapas situation by the AMDH (Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos). Access via the WWW is provided via the UT-LANIC system. Contact URL:
  • Mexico: INFOJus--Instituto de Investigaciones Juridicas (UNAM)[WWW] Access to Mexican legislation, Constitutional law, research directory, etc. Some database searching capabilities. For more information contact Leopoldo URL:
  • Mexico: INFOSEL--Online News via WWW. Commercial Mexican information provider. Site includes online access to selections from Mexican newspapers including REFORMA de la Cd. de Mexico; EXCELSIOR-Mexico DF; EL NORTE de Monterrey and the DIARIO OFICIAL de la Federacion (for updates on Mexican legislation). The web page also includes description and advertising information for CD-ROMs and other online products URL: Mexico-Internet de Mexico [WWW] Commercial Internet provider in Mexico, provides service to businesses, individuals and other organizations. The Web page provides access to Notimex, La Jornada, Excelsior and other Mexican newspapers. Address questions to URL:
  • Mexico-LA JORNADA(newspaper)[WWW] Access to this independent newspaper from Mexico DF via the net began in February 1995 and is now provided and maintained by the UNAM. The service provides same day access to text and graphics from the daily paper. The archive includes from 1-2 months of information. For more info contact Several mirror sites exist in the US and Canada. URL:
  • Mexico--Juarez y la Frontera: Sintesis de Noticias(UACJ) [gopher] News service provided by the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez. Selections from daily northern Mexico newspapers such as El Diario de C.Juarez URL:gopher:// Mexico-Legislacion [gopher] Mexican legal information via the Universidad de Colima, this gopher provides access to Federal and some State legislation. As of July 1995 states covered are: Baja California, Colima, Jalisco, Michoacan URL: gopher://
  • Mexico--Mexican Online News [WWW]Provides access to online newspapers, magazines and other publications-commercial, academic, popular, etc. Excellent one-stop access to many topic areas. Editor:Daniel Palomares [] URL: Mexico: National Commission for Democracy in Mexico (NCDM) Progressive organization based in the US; site includes links to documents from the EZLN and other Mexican groups. For more info URL:
  • Mexico News Archives [various sources] Several sites exist that provide access to archives of Mexico news (mostly from internet sources) dating back to about the beginning of 1994. The NMSU Library gopher contains a menu linking to these archives in the path Resources by Subject/Border & Latin American Information/Border & Latin American News/Mexico & Border News from Internet Sources: URL: gopher:// CHIAPAS-L list archives URL: gopher:// MEXICO94 list archives URL: gopher:// Chiapas95 list archives URLs: gopher:// Chiapas News Archive via Applied Anthropology Network (includes index) URL:gopher:// Chiapas_News_Archive/ Chiapas News & Archive via Washington State University. Includes many documents from the EZLN, including a separate directories for communiques, human rights reports, women's issues, etc. URL:gopher:// Public_Services/Native_Peoples/Chiapas Mexico--Newspapers via FTP [image files] The list includes: El Economista, El Nacional, Excelsior, La Jornada, Sintesis, and Uno mas Uno. This FTP archive contains scanned images of the pages of these newspapers on a daily basis. The resulting files are very large, compressed, binary image files which can be transferred via FTP and must be uncompressed before they are usable.You must also have a graphics filter that makes it possible to view files with a .tif extension URL:
  • Mexico: PROCESO [magazine via WWW] Provides access to full text articles and some photographs from recent issues of this Mexican weekly. Contact information: URL:
  • Mexico: PROFMEXIS [WWW] Mexican academic network provides access to discussion groups, research papers, periodicals, directories, etc.Contact: Robert or Arturo URL:
  • MEXIS--Mexico Information Services [WWW] Commercial site for Mexico business information including a database of Mexican businesses. Contact: URL:
  • Migration News [journal] A monthly summary of immigration developments covering many world regions, including Latin America and the US-Mexican border. Produced by the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of California--Davis , the journal is distributed via email and is archived on the UC-Davis gopher. To subscribe send a message to or access current and back issues via gopher. URL:
  • Mundo Latino [WWW] "...paginas dedicadas a los hispanohablantes" ; an excellent Spanish-language directory for information on the Hispanic world. For information contact URL:
  • NACLA Report on the Americas [journal] The gopher version of NACLA Report contains tables of contents from recent issues and selected articles. APC network subscribers can read the full-text of NACLA Report online in the NACLA conference on Peacenet URL: gopher://
  • NAFTALAB--Experimental WWW on Border Issues--Univ. of Texas Produced by grad students in Communications, Business and Library Science at Univ. of Texas at Austin. Subjects covered include NAFTA, border economic development, telecommunications, health and other issues. URL:
  • NAFTAnet--Electronic Commerce Port-of-Trade for Small Business [WWW] A commercial service to help businesses take advantage of advanced telecommunications for international business in Mexico. Includes links to several online journals such as _Nafta Monitor_. Data from NTDB, and other government sources, and links to many other business and trade-related WWW an gopher sites URL:
  • NAFTA Watch Bulletin [WWW] A commercial site produced by Alvarez & Co. includes selected articles from the _NAFTA Watch Bulletin_, "an electronic newsletter for linking businesses in Mexico, Canada and the U.S." The newsletter includes news summaries, news of business opportunities and other North American business and trade information. URL: National Geographic's Discovering Mexico [WWW article] August 1996 feature story on Mexico. For more information contact or visit the National Geographic Online at URL:
  • NERUDA: Poesia de Pablo Neruda [WWW] Text of many Neruda's poems and other information on the poet's life and work, including his Nobel Prize speech. Maintained by Patricio and Ivan Saez-- URL:
  • New Mexico State University Library [WWW,gopher]. Access directly via gopher [] and follow the directory path: Resources by Subject/Border & Latin American Information. In this subdirectory you can find the most updated version of this guide; information about the subscription service--Latin America Data Base; several public access electronic journals relating to the border or Latin America; postings of news from internet sources relating to the border and Mexico from August 1994---; and links to many of the other sources mentioned in this guide. URL: gopher:// Organization of American States (OAS)[WWW]Access documents, directories and program information. URL: Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) [gopher] The World Health Organization's regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean. The PAHO gopher contains data files on publications, news and press releases, human resource development information and pointers to many other health resources on the net. The PAHO documents are being offered via the University of Maryland at Baltimore gopher. For more information contact: Dr. Gaston Oxman, PAHO/WHO [] or David Freedman, UMD-Baltimore [] URL: gopher://
  • Peru--Corporacion Andina de Fomento-CAF [WWW] CAF is one of the ten largest banks in Latin America and serves as a link between the international financial markets and the Andean region. The WWW site (via the Red Cientifica Peruana) provides corporate information, data on countries served by the bank, and financial statistics. For more URL:
  • Peru-ESAN-Escuela Superior de Administracion de Negocios [WWW] Includes information about the faculty, teaching and research, and services offered by this post-graduate business school in Lima. For more information, Isabel Olivera, Directora ESAN/CENDOC-- URL:
  • Peru--Red Cientifica Peruana/RCP [WWW, gopher] RCP provides an excellent gateway to the internet from South America. It includes many useful internet documents and instructional tools in Spanish. RCP also has an excellent List of Latin American Networks and gateways to other gophers and libraries in South America. RCP maintains discussion groups on many topics. You can get a list of the RCP lists from the server. For more URLs: gopher://
  • Peru--Revista CARETAS [journal via WWW] Access provided by the RCP to this important Peruvian periodical. URL:
  • Peru--Universidad de Lima [gopher]Provides a unique database of information on Constitutional Law in Peru and other countries. Includes the full-text of constitutions of many countries of the world (in Spanish) URL: gopher://
  • Political Database of the Americas [WWW] Produced by the Georgetown University Center for Latin American Studies and the OAS, this site provides country summaries, constitutions, election data, and other information on Latin American governments. Contact Peter URL:
  • PSGnet--Networking in the Developing World [gopher] Contains information about the state of networking in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and other parts of the "developing" world. Contains archives of the LatCo (Latin American Trade Council of Oregon) and other resources. URL: gopher://
  • RedHUCyT--Hemisphere Wide Inter-University Scientific & Technological Information Network. Documents on Latin American networking activities. URL:
  • Red de Informacion Rural (RIR) [WWW]Information service on ejidos and other rural Mexico-agrarian issues produced by the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. Coordinator: Scott Robinson [] URL:
  • RETAnet, Resources for Teaching About the Americas [WWW] A web site for secondary educators, produced by the Latin America Data Base at the University of New Mexico and funded by the U.S. Department of Education. For more information email URL:
  • RIO GRANDE FREE-NET [community network] Community access to the internet; provides service to El Paso, TX, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and nearby communities in Texas and New Mexico. The service is hosted by El Paso Community College. Administration: After making telnet connection, login as "visitor." Accounts currently restricted to people in the service area. The menu offers information in health, education, science and technology, business, arts, government, etc. RGFN is currently under development and aims to provide a wide range of local community information in Spanish and English URL: telnet:// Login:visitor
  • Summit of the Americas [gopher, WWW] Florida International University's Latin American and Caribbean Center created this server to distribute news, documents and other information on the Summit of the Americas held December 9-10 1994 in Miami. URLs: gopher://
  • TAIS-Iniciativa Telematica de Apoyo a la Investigacion Social [gopher] An information network for the development of social research in Venezuela and Latin America. Provides access to many internet resources related to social sciences and social development in Latin America. Also an e-mail conference, TAIS-L.
  • URL: gopher://
  • United Nations [WWW] The UN WWW provides access to documents from the UN General Assembly and the Security Council, directories of the UN system, catalogs of documents and other publications with ordering information, press releases and other news about the UN. URL: United Nations Development Programme/UNDP [WWW] This server contains a directory of the UN system, UNCED documentation with WAIS search facility, UNDP field office telecommunications catalog, press highlights, etc. New information is added daily. URL:
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization/FAO [WWW] The FAO web contains information in English, French and Spanish. Current statistics on food production worldwide and other data on FAO activities. URL: Uruguay--Red Academica Uruguaya [WWW]Links to many sites in Uruguay. Contact: Luis E. Castillo [] Red Academica Servicio Central de Informatica. URL:
  • United States Agency for International Development [WWW] Information about the Agency and its programs; includes policy statements, congressional presentations, directory information, etc. URL:
  • USAID Latin America & Caribbean Economic & Social Data [database] Access to this data is via the UT-LANIC system (see LANIC-above). Excellent source for current statistics covering many economic and social indicators including education, environment, health, poverty, trade, etc. URL:
  • USIA-United States Information Agency [gopher & WWW] The USIA servers "help explain and advocate U.S. policies in terns that are credible and meaningful in foreign cultures, and to bring the benefits of international engagement to American citizens and institutions by helping them build relationships with counterparts overseas." Info about Fulbright program, exchanges, international broadcasting, etc. Contact: Chip Harman [] URLs: gopher://
  • U.S.-Mexican Policy Studies Program, University of Texas [WWW] Includes policy reports and papers on current affairs. URL:
  • Venezuela Web. Links to many sites in Venezuela and about Venezuela. For more information contact [] URL:
  • World Bank [WWW] The World Bank information server provides access to publications available from the Public Information Center, a directory of field offices, economic reports on many countries, environmental data sheets, national environmental action plans and other bank documents. URL:
  • World Health Organization/WHO [WWW, gopher] The WHO gopher provides text files on WHO programs, press releases and resolutions of UN agencies, email and phone directories of personnel and programs, etc. URLs: gopher://
  • WorldNews Online [WWW] Commercial service currently providing access to several Mexican and Brasilian newspapers and the Interpress Latin America Wire. For more information contact John Van Zwieten []. URL: !ZAPATISTAS! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution [electronic book] Published by Autonomedia (1994), the electronic version can be obtained on the internet via the UT-LANIC gopher. Contains the full, English translations of published communiques issued by the EZLN from Dec 31, 1994 -- June 12, 1994. Compiled by a volunteer editorial collective working via the internet. URL: gopher://
    Many of the lists mentioned below use the listserv software. You can subscribe automatically by addressing a message to []. The body of the message should be [subscribe something-l your name]. Some lists do not use listserv and you must send a message to an address, perhaps[] asking to subscribe. You will also see other list software such as [majordomo] and [listproc]. Each of these has slightly different protocols for subscribing and unsubscribing to lists. For detailed information on list commands address a message to the listserv, listproc, or majordomo address with the single word [help] in the body of the message. You will receive a return mail message with the information you need. I have tried to provide the most current information available for the lists, but addresses change and lists come and go. Even with the best efforts, there are sometimes glitches in the process of subscribing and/or unsubscribing to a list. Any listserv site will provide detailed instructions on interacting with the listserv software. Also, upon subscribing to a list, you will receive a message with basic information on the purpose, membership rules (if any) and other necessary information. Not all lists are available for open subscription. If this is the case, your listserv request to subscribe will be forwarded to a list moderator who will either sign you up, or inform you of rules for list subscription. I have included a person's email address when possible. ALSO, I do not have personal experience with all of these lists! I have tried to make the information as correct as possible as of December 1995, but because of the mercurial nature of the internet, it is not always possible to include the most up-to-date information in a written compilation. This list is not meant to be complete. A good way to find out more about Latin American lists (or lists on any subject) is to send database searches to [] (described below under NEW-LIST). The LISZT Directory of E-Mail Discussion Groups [] now provides access to a gigantic, searchable catalog of lists. Other lists of lists are accessible on UT-LANIC, RCP and other information servers (see part 2 of the guide). Many WWW sites now provide links to list archives and newsgroups so that it is possible to read list postings without actually subscribing. Also, the web has made it much easier to search list archives when available. Addresses of lists and people have been enclosed in [....] These marks are NOT part of the addresses.
    ACTIV-L: Peace, Democracy, Freedom, Justice (Activists' Mailing List) To subscribe send message to [] To send messages to the list []. This list also exists on USENET as [] This is a very busy list covering all kinds of progressive/radical political issues. Of interest to Latin Americanists because many activist/human rights groups post news and bulletins from numerous Latin American countries. Excellent source for news from El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Peru and other countries. Also postings from environmental, trade, development organizations.
    AFROLAT: Afro Latin America/JALAS&L List. To subscribe send a message to []. Post messages to []. Owner [ATMJM@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU] (Michael Mitchell) Notices of conferences, symposia, and lectures, exchange of information research opportunities, bibliographic and reference materials, and other scholarly material pertaining to the study of the African diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    AMAZONIA-L: A list from the Sistema de Informacao da Amazonia--SIAMAZ-CCR, Belen, Brasil to discuss issues relating to the region of Amazonia. To subscribe send a message to [] For more information [] or check the web site:
    ARENAL: "Lista de discussion para hispanos/as que desean acabar con la homofobia..." To subscribe send message to [] For questions send email to [] or []. List announced in April 1993 for gay/lesbian Latinos and discussion of gay issues.
    ARGENTINA Network: Argentina discussion and news group(s). To subscribe send message to [] Moderators: Elena Fraboschi and Jorge Gatica [] There are several subsets of the Argentina news group: argentina-afuera (mensajes a miembros fuera de Argentina) argentina-adentro (mensajes a los en Argentina) argentina-noticias (news from Argentina) To find out what is available send a message to [arg-]. It will be answered by one of the moderators who will provide specific information on the different groups and how to sign on.
    ARQUITECTURA-L: Discussion of Latin American Architecture. To subscribe send a message to [] Post messages to [] List administrator Gonzalo Velez []. List announced April 1993.
    AZTLAN: Pre-Columbian history of the Americas. To subscribe send a message to []. Listowner is James Cocks []. An exchange of information among students and researchers of pre-columbian histor y of the Americas.
    AVIFAUNA: Neotropical Birds & Conservation. To subscribe send message to [] To post messages [] Contact Jose Soriano at the Red Cientifica Peruana for more information []. List announced April 1993 from the International Council for Bird Preservation and the Red Cientifica Peruana.
    BASQUE-L: Basque Culture Mailing List. To subscribe send a message to [] List owner Marta []. A forum for the exchange of information on Basque culture including news, literature, human rights, music, food, art and other topics. Languages: Basque, French, Spanish and English.
    BORIKEN: Cultura y Sociedad de Puerto Rico. To subscribe send message to [listserv@enlace.bitnet] Messages to:[boriken@enlace.bitnet] For other list and subscription information contact: Rafael Pirazzi []. General discussion o f Puerto Rican society and culture. The ENLACE listserv, located at the Universidad de Puerto Rico also administers several other discussion groups on other issues.
    BRAS-NET: Brazilian Discussion Groups/Network . BRAS-NET distributes electronic mail among Brazilians, and those interested in Brazil, worldwide. It is divided into several subnetworks based on the users' location. The user should subscribe to the closest network address. The overall coordinator of the network is Walter Morales. Messages are automatically distributed to all users regardless of which subnetwork they use. For more information, including a detailed FAQ file and information about various WWW sites for Brazil information, send a message to [].
    BRAS-NET-BRASIL for users in Brazil. To subscribe send a message to [] Coordinator: Alberto Gomide []
    BRAS-LESTE for users in the Eastern US. To subscribe send a message to [] with [subscribe bras-leste] in the body of the message. Coordinator []
    BRAS-WAT for users in Canada. To subscribe send a message to [].
    BRAS-OESTE for users in the western US, Latin America (except Brazil) and in Africa. To subscribe send a message to [] with the [subscribe bras-oeste complete email address] in the body of the message. Coordinator [].
    BRAS-UK for users in the United Kingdom. To subscribe send a message to []
    BRAS-CON for users in Europe and the Middle East. To subscribe send a message to []
    BRAS-PACIFIC for users in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China and Southeast Asia. To subscribe send a message to []
    BRAS-NOTICIAS: News distribution list. This is NOT a discussion list, so do not send mail to the list. Users in the Americas (except Brazil), Asia, Africa, Oceania send a subscribe message to []. Users in Brazil send a message to []. Users in Europe send a subscribe message to [].
    CARECON: Caribbean Economy. To subscribe: [] To post: []. Discussion of issues related to the Caribbean economy.
    CENTAM-L: Central America Discussion Group. To subscribe: [] Post messages to [] Active discussion group for people from Central America and others interested in the region. Many members are studen ts in the United states from Central American countries. News, human rights reports and other info posted regularly from the region.
    CHIAPAS-L: Chiapas Discussion. To subscribe send a message to [] Post messages to [] Put the word [subscribe] in the body of the message followed by your complete email address. For more information contact the list owner, Arturo Grunstein [] and Nicole Wolf []. An open, unmoderated discussion concerning the conflict in the state of Chiapas. Languages Spanish and English.
    CHICLE: Chicano Literature Discussion List Discussion of Chicano literature and Hispanic culture in general. To subscribe send a message to []. Post messages to []. Moderator: Teresa Marquez [].
    CHILE-L: Chile Discussion Group To subscribe send message to [] Post messages to [] List administrator, Jorge Arriagada. General discussion on Chile. Parallel Usenet group is [soc.culture.chile]
    CLACSO-INST-L: Red Electronica de Ciencias Sociales en America Latina-Institutional Information & CLACSO-ACCESO-L: Regional Social Science News. To subscribe [] Post messages to [] or [] Questions to Gustavo Navarro [rtgus@arcriba.bitnet] or [] or [] . Lists announced in April 1993. CLACSO-INST-L includes an electronic newsletter, "Carta de CLACSO".
    COLEXT: Colombianos en el Exterior. To subscribe send message to [] Post messages to [] Moderator: Juan Felipe Arjona []. Discussion and news on Colombia.
    COMEDIA: Hispanic Classic Theatre. To subscribe [] To post []. Discussion of Hispanic Classic Theatre.
    CUBA-L: Cuba Today. To subscribe send message to []. News on current events in Cuba from many sources including wire services, Radio Havana Cuba and the Voice of America. As of July 1995, available for a small subscription fee. Contact moderator for information. Moderator: Nelson Valdes [].
    DEVEL-L: Technology Transfer in International Development. Volunteers in Technical Assistance. To subscribe [] Post messages to [] Administered by Volunteers in Technical Assistance. For more information contact []. Exchange of information on technology and development. Good source for finding out about publications (electronic and otherwise). Maintains archive of ftp files.
    DEVMEDIA: Media for Development and Democracy. To subscribe send message to []. Moderator Don Richardson []. A list for the discussion of progressive media (radio, video, etc) in developing countries.
    EC-CHARLA: Discussion of Ecuadorean society, politics, culture, etc. To subscribe send message to []. Post messages to [] Questions to Javier Hidalgo []. General discussion on Ecuador. Mostly in Spanish, but any language is welcome.
    EC-NOTICIAS-L: Ecuador News Bulletins "Diario Hoy" To subscribe send message to [] Do not post to the list. Questions may be addressed to Luis Fierro []. Excellent source for news from Ecuador. Daily news bull etins from "Diario Hoy" include Ecuador news and also important news from elsewhere in the region.
    ECOLOGIA and BIOLOGIA: To subscribe send a message to [] or []. Postings to the list should be addressed [] or []. For more information contact Ananias Escalante [] or []. Lists for Spanish-speaking professionals in ecology and biology.
    ECONOMIA--Lista Latinoamericano de Economia Discussion list foe Latin American economic issues. To subscribe send message to [] with the message [subscribe economia].
    EDUPAGE: a newsletter on information technology and education, written by John Gehl ( & Suzanne Douglas( and available in Spanish, Portuguese, French & Italian. To subscribe to Edupage send a message to: ARCHIVES & TRANSLATIONS: For archive copies of Edupage, ftp or gopher to or WWW (URL: French: contact proulxj@ERE.UMontreal.CA. Portuguese: contact with the message SUB EDUPAGE-P Seu Primeiro Nome Seu Sobrenome. Spanish: send mail with the message SUB EDUPAGE-E Su Primer Nombre, Su Apellido. Italian: available on Agora' Telematica; connection and/or free subscription via BT-Tymnet and Sprint (login: [agora) or via telnet (; mail: for info.
    ELAN--The Environment in Latin America Network: To subscribe send a message to []. To post: []. ELAN was established in July 1994 by the Environment and Natural Resources Working Group of the Latin American Studies Association for the purpose of providing communications links between researchers, activists and others with an interest in environmental issues in Latin America. Listowner: Timmons Roberts []. The list will be ar chived in the environment directory of the Center for a Sustainable Future gopher at [].
    ESPANA-L: Discussion list on Spain. To subscribe send a message to []. To post messages []. Listowner Jorge Bela-Kindelan []. General discussion list for Spain. Languages include Spanish, Basque, Catalan and English.
    ESPORA-L: Spanish-Portuguese History. To subscribe [] To post messages []. Discussion and exchange of information on the history of the Iberian peninsula. Multilingual--Portuguese, Spanish, English, Catalan, etc.
    FLAN: Fulbright-LASPAU Academic Network. Discussion forum of professional, educational and regional issues for Fulbright-LASPAU grantees, alumni, associates and friends. FLAN announces conferences, grants, job opportunities, calls for papers, travel opportunities and exchanges between Latin America and the United States. To subscribe []. Post to []. Moderator: Jeff Perkell [].
    FOLLAC: Folklore Latino, Latinoamericano y Caribeno. Note: Mailing list for discussion of Latin American Folklore. To join list send a message to Emily Socolov at [] To post messages to the list send to []. Moderator's address University of Texas--Austin, Folklore Studies. Spring 1993. Multilingual. Described as a mailing list for "all people interested in the folklore and traditional, expressive culture of the hemisphere."
    GNET: Global Networking. To subscribe send message to []. This lists posts announcements of research papers and other documents available from the GNET Archives, an ftp site []. The archive contains many papers on global networking, use of networks in less developed countries, communication in international development and other related topics.
    HAITI-L: To subscribe send message o [] Moderator Senaida Jansen [jansen!] CONICIT provides access to various other discussion groups focused on the Caribbean area. Forum for the creation of a Haiti network. Part of the REDALC project.
    HELP-NET: Internet & Bitnet User Help To subscribe [listserv@templevm.bitnet] To post messages [help-net@templevm.bitnet] Parallel USENET group []. Good list for new network users. Get answers to many techno- questions. Contains a list of FAQ (frequently-asked-questions) files to help new users.
    H-LATAM: Latin American History. To subscribe send message to []. Post messages to []. H-LATAM coordinators are Jacquelyn Kent [] and Philip Mueller []. H-LATAM is part of a larger network of history lists. For more information on H-Net (the History Network) contact Richard Jensen [].
    HONDURAS: Popular Support Group. The address for this groups is [] For more information on this group contact []
    HONDUNET: To subscribe send a message to []. To post messages []. List announced in June 1994 to discuss topics relevant to Honduras. For more information contact Neil Irwin [nirwin@aps.uog].
    IBASE-TEXTS-L: Brazilian Institute of Social & Economic Analyses. Note: To subscribe send message to []. To post messages to the list send to []. For more information send email to [] or []. This list contains texts prepared by the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses, IBASE, a non-governmental research, service and consultancy organization based in Rio de Janeiro. IBASE prepares information packages in several formats including text, video, radio, etc. on Brazilian social, economic, political and cultural issues. IBASE's main goal is democratization of information...(this info obtained from the new list announcement posted to ACTIV-L on May 11, 1993).
    INDKNOW: Indigenous Knowledge List. To subscribe send message to []. To post [] ***NOTE NEW ADDRESS AS OF JULY 1994. List covers issues relating to indigenous peoples' knowledge systems worldwide. Often focus on Latin America. Interlink Headline News: Daily news bulletin (not a discussion list) in Spanish commenting on Argentine and international news. To subscribe send message to []. Owners: Alejandro Piscitelli [] and Raul Carlos Drelichman [] (new-list announcement June 28, 1995)
    LADIG-L: Latin American Database Interest Group. To subscribe send message to []. Roma Arellano []. Announcements and discussion of database products and services from and about Latin America.
    LALA-L: Latin Americanist Librarians' Announcements List. To subscribe []. Messages to [] Moderator: Gayle Williams []. Announcements and discussion for Latin American Studies librarians and others. Currently restricted to members of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM).
    LASNET: Latin American Studies Network. To subscribe send a message to: []. Post messages to []. LASNET is an unmoderated list with over 600 subscribers for the purpose of faciltating communication among Latin Americanists internationally. For more information contact Kent Norsworthy at []
    LASPAU-L: Development and use of academic networks in Latin America and the Caribbean. Announcements of scholarships, conferences, exchange programs, etc. To subscribe send message to []. Post messages to [].
    LATAM-ECON: Latin American Economy. A list originating in Peru, to subscribe send a message to [] To post messages to the list []. For more information on this and other RCP (Red Cientifica Peruana) lists send a message to [] and in the body of the message type [help name of list].
    LATAM-INFO: Latin America Academic Information. To subscribe send a message to [] Post messages to []. Similar to LASNET, but based in UK. Dissemination of information and discussion of matters of common concern to subject specialists, librarians, students and others in Latin American studies.
    LATAMLIN: Latin American Linguistics and Languages Discussion List. To subscribe send a message to [] Post messages to [] Owners:[](Cristina S Banfi) [](Maria Mercedes Pinango) [] (Luciana Storto)
    LATHE:Latin American Theatre List. To subscribe send message to [] List manager: Carolyn Bell [].Facilitates discussion and distribution of materials for research and teaching Latin American theatre, including reviews, production information, meeting notices, etc.
    LATCO: Business & Trade with Latin America. Latin American Trade Council of Oregon. To subscribe send a message to [] To post messages to the list [] Produced by the Latin American Trade Council of Oregon. Moderators: Tom Miles [] and Walter Morales []. Discussion list for trade and economic data, analysis, opinions and experience, sources of information about Latin American business and industry, conference announcements, etc. Multilingual.
    LETRAS-L: Luso-Brazilian Languages and Literatures. To subscribe send message to [] Coordinator Alamir [alamir@brfuel.bitnet]. From list announcement: "Forum para discussao de assuntos correntes nas areas de linguistica aplicada, de teoria da literatura...bem como anuncio de congressos e associacoes."
    LIBERO-AM: Politics of Ibero-America and the Middle East Discussion of relations between Latin American countries and the countries of the Middle East, Central American peace process, Middle Eastern peace process and other topics. To subscribe []. Post messages to []. Moderator: Felipe Avila [].
    LLAJTA: Bolivia list. To subscribe send message to [] Post messages to [].Mailing list on Bolivia.
    MCLR-L: Midwest Consortium for Latino Research. To subscribe [] Post to []. Dialogue among Latino scholars and others in the United States. Announcement of grants available, academic jobs of interest to Latinos and other information and discussion.
    H-MEXICO: Mexico History List. For historians and other professionals, interested in all aspects and periods of Mexican history--postings of conferences, scholarships and other academic news, research-in-progress, announcements of internet resources, etc. To subscribe send a message to []. List owners: Felipe Castro [] and Martha Loyo [].
    MEXICO-L: Knowing Mexico, People, Places & Culture. To subscribe [] To post messages []. NOTE: This list has been inactive for several months due to technical problems. When revived, there will be announcements in the Usenet group [soc.culture.mexico] and probably in several other Mexico interest groups. I will update this entry when new info is available.
    Mexico2000: To subscribe send a message to [] and in the SUBJECT line type the command "subscribe mexico2000 your name" Post messages to []. List established in April 1994 to discuss the political transitions in Mexico--rebellion, assasination, elections, political parties, corruption, prospects for democracy, social changes, economics, devaluation, etc. Includes regular postings of news from many internet sources. Listowners: Arturo Grunstein [] and Nicole Wolf [].
    MEXPAZ: Mexico News, Analysis, Chiapas, Solidarity. A news distribution service provided by the cooperative efforts of CENCOS (Centro de Comunicacion Social); CAM (Centro Antonio Montesinos); CEE (Centro de Estudios Ecumenicos); CRT (Centro de Reflexion Teologica); Equipo Pueblo; and Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolome de las Casas and the Universidad Iberoamericana. News bulletins are provided in 4 areas allowing separate subscriptions to any or all--1) Information-general news; 2) Analysis, 3) Chiapas news in English, and 4) Solidarity-urgent action reports and ongoing projects. The first 3 sections are send-only, for distribution of MEXPAZ bulletins; the 4th will include discussion of local activities. To subscribe send a message to [] and in the body of the message, note which section of the service you would like to receive, for example: subscribe information your name subscribe analysis your name subscribe chiapas-eng your name subscribe solidarity your name Send a separate email message for each section you wish to subscribe to.
    MX-INTERNET: Discussion about the development of the internet in Mexico. Members include those involved in the development of the internet in both public institutions and private companies. To subscribe send a message to []. Post messages to [].
    NAHUAT-L: Nahuatl language, Nahua cultural studies and the Aztecs. To subscribe []. Post to [].
    NATIVE-L: Indigenous Peoples Information; NAT-LANG: Languages of Indigenous Peoples; NATCHAT: Indigenous Peoples Discussion. Three separate lists available for subscription via [] Post messages to [] [] []. These lists deal with various issues related to indigenous peoples worldwide. Politics, culture, information sources are all discussed. Participants include academics, activists, students, etc. Good news source for information on environment, human rights, politics, etc. in Latin America, especially for Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and other countries with large indigenous populations. Archive maintained at []. Parallel USENET groups [alt.native] and [soc.culture.native].
    NET-HAPPENINGS: Internet Announcements To subscribe send message to [] Moderator: Gleason Sackman []. Very active list (20+ messages/day) of announcements and bulletins on internet resources and services. Excellent for information on legislation affecting the "info-superhighway." A good way to follow new developments on the net. Parallel usenet group [] Archives are available at the following addresses: URL: gopher:// URL:
    NEW-LIST: Announcements of new bitnet/internet mailing lists. To subscribe send message to []. NEW-LIST announces newly established e-mail lists on bitnet and internet. The [] also provides a good databas e to search for the existence of lists by keywords. To perform a search send the following database commands to [listserv@] //dblook job echo=no database search dd=rules //rules dd * select searchterm in lists index select searchterm in intgroup index select searchterm in new-list index The listserv will search bitnet, internet and new-list archives lists of lists for mailing lists that contain your searchterm. By return email you will receive a list of results.
    NOTICOL: Noticias de Colombia. To subscribe send a message [] News bulletins from Colombia by way of Universidad de los Andes, Bogota.
    NOTIPAEZ: Mexican news from _La Jornada_. Javier Paez posts news packets from the newspaper _La Jornada_ regularly. These news packets are often crossposted to the Usenet group [soc.culture.mexican]. To subscribe to the electronic mail list, send a message to [] with the message [subscribe notipaez your name] in the body of the message. For more information, contact the listowner at [].
    NOTISUR: To subscribe send a message to []. A list from the RCP (Red Cientifica Peruana) for Latin American and Caribbean news.
    ORFEO: Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry. To subscribe send a message to []. To post messages []. Subscription is open, but you must be a subscriber to post messages. Listowner: Ted McVay [].
    PARAGUAY-L: Paraguay & its People. To subscribe send a message to [] For more information contact Horacio Recalde []. Discussion of Paraguayan culture, native language (Guarani) and current events.
    PERU: Discussion and news group. To subscribe send message to [] In the body type subscribe Peru firstname lastname. Post messages to []. List administrator Herbert Koller []. General discussion on Peru. Probably 5-10 news postings daily from various wire services and international newspapers. Mostly in Spanish.
    PRLIST: Puerto Rico List. To subscribe send a message to [], leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message type ONE of the following words: join add subscribe. Listowner []. This list (announced in August 1994) is "to keep Puerto Rican SysOps, BBSers, Internetters, etc. in touch and informed about topics/issues affecting Puerto Ricans throughout the world."
    REDALC: Redes de America Latina y del Caribe/Reseau Amerique Latine et Caraibes/Latin American & Caribbean Networks. To subscribe [] To post []. You can also subscribe to this list via the Red Cientifica Pe ruana []. Contact: Yacine Khellidi, FUNREDES-Fundacion Redes y Desarrollo. [] or funredes!] Discussion of the creation and status of Latin American and Caribbean computer networks.
    SIRIAC-L:Latin American Networks. Puerto Rico, Sistema Integrado de Recursos Informaticos y Cientificos. To subscribe send message to: [listserv@enlace.bitnet] Post messages to [siriac-l@enlace.bitnet] For more information on other lists or subscriptions contact: Roberto Loran []. An interest group for discussion of the present and future of Latin American networks.
    SPANBORD: history and archaeology of the Spanish Borderlands. To subscribe send message to []. To post messages: []. Focus on topics related to the history and contemporary culture of northern Mexico and areas of the United States that were once part of the Spanish Empire. For more information contact Anita Cohen Williams [].
    TAIS-L: Iniciativa Telematica de Apoyo a la Investigacion Social A moderated mailing list for discussion and information on social sciences, social research and social development in Latin America. To subscribe send a message to [] and in the message type [subscribe TAIS-L email address firstname lastname]. Listowners: Cesar Ramos [] and Lenni Montiel []. URL: List established by the Red Cientifica Peruana to announce new internet sites (gophers, WWW, FTP, etc). Primarily in Spanish. To subscribe send a message to [] and to post [].
    URUGUAY: Uruguay discussion and newsgroup. To subscribe send a message to [] There are several subsets of the Uruguay newsgroups, some for just news and others for discussion. The best way to subscribe is to send a message to the address above. It will be answered by one of the moderators who will provide specific information on the different groups and how to sign on.
    US_MEXBORDER: To subscribe send a message to []. To post to the list []. The listowner is Judy Calem []. A forum established by the US-EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in August 1994, to begin a dialogue in the US, Mexico, and elsewhere among individuals and groups conducting research or work concerning the US/Mexico border environment.
    VENEZUELA Lists:
    ATARRAYA: Venezuela information and discussion.
    NOTIVEN: Venezuelan news To subscribe and to obtain more information about the Venezuelan news and discussion lists, send a message to []. By return mail you will receive instructions. For more information contact the administration []. ATARRAYA is a general discussion group on Venezuela with a parallel USENET group [soc.culture.venezuela].
    VIRTUA-L: Realidad Virtual. To subscribe send message to [] Post messages to [] List moderators Enrique Hernandez [] and Gonzalo Velez Jahn []. A list for the discussion of "la re alidad virtual y el ciberespacio," and to "formular el intercambio y divulgacion de topicos culturales y de investigacion sobre la realidad virtual en el contexto latinoamericano.

    As of April 1995, the following USENET newsgroups can be found that concern Latin America, Latinos in the US and other parts of the world, and other Hispanic regions of the world:
  • soc.culture.latin-america
  • soc.culture.mexican
  • soc.culture.caribbean
  • alt.culture.argentina
  • soc.culture.argentina
  • soc.culture.portuguese
  • soc.culture.spain
  • soc.culture.peru
  • soc.culture.brazil
  • soc.culture.argentina
  • soc .culture.uruguay
  • soc.culture.chile
  • soc.culture.venezuela
  • alt.current-events.haiti
  • soc.culture.mexican.american
  • soc.culture.puerto-rico
  • soc.culture.ecuador
  • soc.culture.cuba
  • soc.culture.colombia
    To read USENET news you must have access via a news reader on your local system or through access to another system. Find out about local access by contacting your computer center or other internet access provider. For example, the Peacenet and other IGC networks provide access to Usenet News. These newsgroups discuss almost anything relating to society, politics, travel, culture, etc. for the regions described. The groups sometimes include postings from newspapers and wire services. Various languages, mostly Spanish, Portuguese, English. Much info is cross-posted to other lists. USENET groups often have a regular posting called an FAQ (frequently asked questions) that provides a lot of good information about the content and culture of the list and will usually let you know if you want to become a regular participant. USENET groups can be created by a voting process and they can also disappear for lack of interest. Numbers of messages posted range from 1 to 1000+ in the groups mentioned above. Why [alt]? why [soc]??? The USENET hierarchy has developed over the years as a way to group certain categories of newsgroups together. [soc] generally means something devoted to discussion of society and culture. [alt] is the "alternative" hierarchy within Usenet and generally means a group with less rules and more open discussion and tolerance for wierdness. [rec] generally refers to hobby-related groups. If you participate in the USENET community, it will all become clear... Part 2:INFORMATION PRODUCTS & SERVICES

    Ainsworth, Shirley. "Mexican Information Resources in Electronic Format," forthcoming in Bowker Annual and Book Trade Almanac 1994, pp. 75-90. (in press) [article] An excellent overview of electronic information sources from and about Mexico. Includes references to fee-based online databases, public access databases such as online library catalogs, CD-ROMs, computer archives via FTP and more. The appendix provides complete addresses for many database providers in Mexico and elsewhere.
    Association for Progressive Communications. Global Computer Communications for Environment, Human Rights, Development and Peace [ftp document]. GNET Archive; 1993. Note: Brochure of the Association for Progressive Communications. FTP [] D irectory [global_net] Filename [apc_brochure.txt]. Details of the APC organization, including addresses of the APC member networks all over the world, including Uruguay, Brazil,Ecuador, Nicaragua. Also available by writing or calling the Association for Progressive Communication, 18 De Boom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, (415) 442-0220. [see also the IGC gopher above.]
    Association of Research Libraries. Directory of Electronic Journals [book]. ISBN: 1057-1337. For more information on the publication email [].
    Cabezas, Alberto. [journal article] "Potential for Services in Latin America," IFLA JOURNAL 21 (1) 1995:11-14. An overview of network deveopment activities in Latin America, 1991-94 by the network coordinator at CONICYT, Santiago, Chile.
    Chamorro, Rafael. La Red de Redes Internet [WWW] Basic information about the Internet in Spanish provided by the WWW server of the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana. URL:
    Conroy, Michael. [conference paper] "InterNet-working for NGOs in Central America: The History and State of the 'Net and Prospects for Improvement." Paper prepared for presentation at the XIX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Washington DC, September 28-30, 1995. Presents an overview of history and development of networking in the region; obstacles and opportunities for NGO access in a fast-changing telecommunications environment.
    Gilster, Paul. El Navegante de Internet. [book] Madrid: Anaya Multimedia, 1995. Translation of The Internet Navigator. Basic net information in Spanish.
    GNET Archive. [archive of FTPable documents] To transfer files from the GNET archive, FTP to [] and change to the [global_net] directory. The archive contains many papers on global networking, use of networks in less developed countries, communication in international development and other related topics. Latin American countries represented in the file list include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Paraguay, and Peru. Other papers discuss networking in the region. To receive announcements about new additions to the archive, subscribe to the GNET announcements list (see List of Lists).
    Hahn, Saul. "Recent Advances of the RedHUCyT Project and Networking in Latin America and the Caribbean." Paper prepared for presentation at the XIX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Washington DC, September 28-30, 1995. Brief outline of the RedHUYCyt project sponsored by the Department of Scientific and Technological Affairs of the OAS. For more information: URL:
    Jacobson, Thomas L.; Zimpfer, Scott. Non-Commercial Computer Networks and National Development [ftp document]. Available via FTP from the GNET archive. [] in the directory [global_net] filename [networks_and_dev.txt]. Discusses the growi ng role of computer networks in developing countries in the context of other communications media.
    Kovacs, Diane [and others]. Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences [ftp document, electronic mail file, hypercard stack]. 9th revision ed. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Libraries; 1995; c1992. Note: Exists as a set of electronic files. Files ca n be retrieved via email or FTP. Send email messages to [] with the message line: get filename.filetype. To retrieve via FTP, ftp Look in the library directory fo r a list of the files. Also available in this direc tory as keyword-searchable hypercard stacks. For more information contact Diane Kovacs [] Provides good subject access to hundreds of electronic discussion lists. Subject divisions in this revision include: anthropology, education, geography and area studies, library science, linguistics, political science, business, biological sciences, computer science, etc. [ACADLIST.FILE2] contains the area studies lists, including many on Latin America. FILE2 also includes the library science lists. The [ACADLIST.README] contains detailed information about retrieving the files and about subscribing to the lists. The entries note whether or not the list is moderated and/or archived.
    Krol, Ed. Conectate al mundo de Internet [book] Mexico, New York: McGraw Hill, 1995. Spanish translation of The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog.
    Lane, Graham. Communications for Progress: A Guide to International E-Mail [book]. London: Catholic Institute for International Relations; 1990. Excellent overview of electronic communications intended as a manual for non-profit organizations. Good technical background with details on networks accessible in developing countries.
    LaQuey, Tracey; Ryer, J. C. The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking [book]. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley; 1993. Foreword by VP Al Gore. This book explains Internet origins, netiquette, and other basics. Includes chapter on network legends...
    Levison, Andrew. Latin America Online: Best Databases For News, Business and Current Affairs. DATABASE December 1993, pp. 14-28. An excellent, detail-filled review of Latin American information available online via commercial vendors, subscription databases, internet resources and more. Includes comparison charts of search results in a variety of databases. An electronic version of this article is posted on the NMSU Library gopher in the Resources by Subject/Border & Latin American Information/Border & Latin American News/LADB/about directory path. The author can be reached at the following email address [].
    Lin, Ning. Diffusion of Information Technology: A Case Study of Computer Networks and the Role of Government, Industry, and Academia in Developing the Internet/NREN. [Ph.D. dissertation] Austin: University of Texas, 1993. Through a case study of the de velopment of the UT-LANIC and other network information centers (NICs), this dissertation proposes a broad framework for the analysis of information technology diffusion and the varying roles of government, academia and industry in the developed and developing country contexts.
    Lin, Ning. "State of the Art Report: UT-LANIC's Development and its role in Latin American Studies." Paper prepared for presentation at the XIX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Washington DC, September 28-30, 1995. Describes the evolution of the premier source for Latin American information on the internet. Includes statistics on internet growth in Latin America and LANIC use.
    Litherland, Susan. "Internet deja atras a los pobres." [article] Posted to the Peacenet conference redtm.analisis by the Instituto del Tercer
    Mundo, Montevideo, Uruguay [] A discussion of the economic and social divisions affecting network development in the third world.
    Lynch, Karen. Internet a la Latina [article] CommunicationsWeek Latinoamericana,1994 March, 1 (1) 21-. Posted to the REDALC newsgroup in April 1994, this is an excellent overview of electronic networking in Latin America. The article is archived in the Red Cientifica Peruana (RCP) gopher in the directory path [redes de america latina y el caribe/articulos sobre redes.INTERNET.LATINA]. URL: gopher:// SOBRE REDES/INTERNET.LATINA.
    McGee, Arthur R. African, African American, African- Caribbean, African Latin Internet/Bitnet Mailing Lists [ftp document]. Retrieve latest version of this list-of-lists via FTP from: [] in the directory: [pub/amcgee] Also available via email to: []. Art McGee regularly posts updates of this list to many of the Latin American interest groups and other email discussions. The list includes many of interest to Latin Americanists. McGee also produces a list of lists on Native/Indigenous peoples' issues. Announcements of updates are posted on many of the lists noted in the LIST OF LISTS, on USENET and on bulletin boards.
    Molloy, Molly. "Groping for Our Piece of the Elephant: Latin American Information on the Internet," in _Technology, the Environment & Social Change: Papers of the 38th Annual Meeting of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) edited by Pat Noble. Albuquerque: SALALM Secretariat, 1995; pps 193-209. [article] Originally presented at the SALALM in May 1993.
    Molloy, Molly. Internet Resources for Latin American Studies. [article] College and Research Libraries News. 1993 Jul; 54(7) 395-399. Introductory list of Latin American resources on the Internet.
    Norvell, Scott. Latin America On-Line. [article] U.S./Latin Trade: The Magazine of Trade & Investment in the Americas. 1995 July; 3 (7) 74-78. Overview of internet and fee-based online services that provide Latin American information.
    O'Brien, Rory. The APC Computer Networks: Global Networking For Change [ftp document] GNET Archive; 1993. Retrieve via FTP from the GNET Archive. FTP [] Directory [global_net] Filename [apc_net.txt] Paper also published in the Canadian Jo urnal of Information Science (v.17 July 1992, p. 16-24). Analysis of how social activists all over the world are using computer communications to enhance networking, focusing specifically on the Association for Progressive Communications.
    Pimienta, Daniel. La Comunicacion Mediante Computador: una esperanza para el sector academico y de investigacion del Tercer Mundo. La experiencia de REDALC en America Latina y el Caribe [ftp document]. GNET Archive; 1993 May. Paper available from the GN ET Archive via FTP [] in the directory [global_net] Filename [cmc_acad_investig.txt]. First paper of the GNET archive published in Spanish. Pimienta gives various reasons why network communication aids development. Description of the REDALC project.
    Resnick, Rosalind. "OLE' Latin America's Net Presence is Growing" [article] INTERNET WORLD MAGAZINE 6 (4) April 1995: 86-90. An overview of the net in Latin America with an emphasis on business and new commercial sources.
    Revista Interamericana de Nuevas Tecnologias de Informacion. [journal] ISSN 0122-3356 Volume 1 Number 1 Jul-Sept 1995. A new publication from the Proyecto Multinacional de Bibliotecas, Informacion y Comunicacion del Departamento de Desarrollo Cultural of the Organization of American States (OEA) to provide articles about new information technologies and their use in Latin America. Includes Spanish translations of important works from other sources.
    Schrieberg, David. "Logging on in Latin America," [article] NEWSWEEK January 16, 1995, 56. An interview with Jose Soriano, Director of the Red Cientifica Peruana who eloquently states the case for continuing network development in Latin America.
    Soriano, Jose. "Red Troncal (Backbone) para America Latina--Red Cientifica Peruana." [paper & presentation via WWW] URL: An excellent analysis of the technical, socio-political and economic factors influencing the development of internet access in Latin America with specific reference to Peru and the Red Cientifica Peruana.
    Weis, Allan. Commercialization of the Internet. [article] Electronic Networking: Research, Applications, and Policy. 1992 Sep; 2(3): 7- 16. Describes Internet history and growth and the current trend toward commercial use of the Internet. Emphasizes the need to revise acceptable use policies to account for private use and investment, the need for statutory treatment of liability issues for network providers, the need to integrate development networks based on leading edge technologies with heavily used production networks based on proven technologies, and the need for more global planning.
    Yanoff, Scott. Internet Services List [different formats] Updated about every 2 weeks. An eclectic list of special Internet files and services on a variety of topics. Arranged in ABC order, browse list to become aware of new things on the net. To keep track of locations and access [finger]. FTP [ Gopher [] or [] USENET list [] WWW [

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